Our Wood

All of our Prime Grade bats are crafted from pro grade split wood billet.  What does this mean to you?  Simply put, it means that your Ruth bat is made from the highest grade, straightest wood available.  Upon delivery from the mill, every piece of wood is hand graded for quality and weight. After being graded, only the top 3% of billets are made into our Prime Grade bats.  We take great care in the selection, storage, and drying of our wood before it goes to the lathe. The machinery we use is the most advanced equipment available, which allows us to produce an incredibly consistent product. All of our bats are decorated using our proprietary 3-step finish process.  When it’s time to get serious about the game, it’s time for a Ruth.


European Beech

European Beech is a game changer.  Denser and more elastic than traditional materials, European Beech sounds and feels different than any wood bat you've ever used.  The ball simply jumps off of European Beech and the sound is unmistakable - One swing and you'll know - European Beech is the next big thing in baseball bats!

Hard Maple

Hard Maple is the benchmark material for baseball bats today.  Denser than Ash and readily available here in the Northeast, Hard Maple will not dent, flake, or splinter which results in a longer lasting, better feeling bat with more pop.   All Ruth bats are crafted from only the highest quality wood available and our Hard Maple bats are no different.   The best players in the world trust their careers to Hard Maple and you can too.


New for 2017, Birch offers everything you're looking for in a great wood bat. In addition to being a dense hardwood, Birch is readily available and has a great sheer rate - much higher than Ash and just under Maple.


Every season more and more wooden bat leagues are popping up.  Ash bats are an affordable way to adjust to the wood bat game.  More elastic than Maple, Ash was the industry standard for decades for a good reason.  Many Pro players are still swinging Ash.