About Ruth Baseball

We are well aware of what the legendary Ruth name means to the game.  It also happens to be our family name, so you can rest assured that we take our dedication to quality very seriously.  To that end, we have made a commitment to producing the finest baseball bats in the industry.  No shortcuts.  No inferior wood.  Just the very best baseball bats that money can buy.

Coaches have known this for years:  If you want to be a better hitter, you need to train with wood. Wood gives you instant feedback.  Wood will let you know if you hit the sweet spot or not. There is nothing quite like squaring up a pitch with a wood bat - it just feels great.  But choose the wrong pitch or put a bad swing on a ball and the bat will tell you.  Not so with aluminum & composite.  Aluminum and composite bats encourage bad habits.  Wood forces you to learn the strike zone and which pitches you should lay-off. Wood is the single best tool to help you learn proper pitch selection and swing mechanics.  You owe it to yourself and your team to train with wood.  Just think about how much better of a hitter you will be come game day. 

Welcome to Ruth Baseball.